Hairball Audio at Outta Town Sound

Posted by Hairball Admin on Oct 01 filed in DIY Resources

Jamie Sitar from Outta Town Sound recently sent along an amazing track he engineered, mixed, and mastered with Hairball gear. Check it out!

Jamie has a rack of 10 Lola's and noted:

"This song was recorded with all LOLA pres and then mixed with the LOLA's as line amps on the way to a Dangerous 2-Bus.  Bass and drum room also recorded with FET/500 D's.  Very minimal eq and comp in the mix.  The LOLA recorded tracks just stack so nice!"

"I've had this rack for a while now and it hasn't ceased to impress yet. All 10 LOLA's have the BA512 op-amps. They're so smooth and thick. They've been used to record every source you can think of with stunning results and have even been used as line amps for stem mastering. Can't say enough good things!"

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