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Support threads for our builds are located at

Group DIY is a fabulous forum focused on recording studio diy projects of all types. It's a wealth of information and should be your first stop if you have any questions about DIY audio electronics. 

Each of our projects has a support thread at Group DIY. You must use the OFFICIAL support threads rather than starting a new thread. We are notified by email when new posts are made to those threads. We try our best to review posts every couple of days to make sure your questions are answered. We may not answer if someone else gives you a good response and we have nothing to add. If three business days have passed and you still have no answers to your questions, feel free to give us a poke by email.

Official Support Threads

Lola Mic Pre
Elements Mic Pres
FET/500 (ALL Revisions)
Current FET/RACK (ALL Revisions and Link Add-On)

Older pre-summer 2016 FET/RACK with black powder coat enclosure
FET/RACK Revision A
FET/RACK Revision D
FET/RACK Revision F/G
Stereo Link PCBs

Also note, if you get really stuck and we can't seem to sort it out on the forum, we offer a flat rate repair. Visit out Build Support Services section for details.