Old Style FET/RACK

Old Style FET/RACK

Current version vs old style.
What's the difference?

This category contains kits and PCBs for the previous version of our FET/RACK.  These kits were sold by Hairball Audio from 2008 to spring of 2016. The MNATs PCBs date back further. These kits and PCBs have been replaced by the new FET/RACK kits which now include an authentic power supply and more elegant build experience. They are an improved version of this older kit and what you should purchase if you're looking to build the classic FET compressor. 

However, our new PCB is not set up to be used in custom enclosures or stereo enclosures. If you're looking to do something DIY and have your own enclosure or want to build a stereo version, these PCBs and kits may be better. They're smaller and will fit in any enclosure. They do not have the authentic power supply and require a lot more wiring, but they have the same audio path as the new version.

We no longer sell enclosures for these old style builds and these builds will not fit in our new enclosure without some drilling.

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