Stereo FET Compressor Rev A/D Bundle


This product will not be available until Summer 2021 due to supply-chain issues.

This bundle contains all of the specialized parts needed to build a stereo revision A or D FET Compressor using a Collective Cases enclosure.

Parts NOT included:

  • All of the onboard components, switches, pots, XLR and IEC
  • The main printed circuit board and power-supply PCBs
  • The Collective Cases Stereo FET enclosure. This will be available soon at
  • Wire, solder and other basic electronics tools
Recommended for intermediate builders.

Parts Included:

  • 2 x Matched Pair of 2N5457 FETs
  • 1 x Dual Primary Toroidal 2X25 30VA Power Transformer
  • 2 x FET Compressor Attack Control
  • 2 x FET Compressor Release Control
  • 2 x FET Compressor Output Control
  • 2 x 8027-WF VU Meter
  • 2 x C-3837-1 Input Transformer
  • 2 x EA-5002 Output Transformer
  • 2 x Bourns 600Ω T-Pad Attenuator
  • 1 x Stereo Link Kit

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