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A Modern Classic

Everything you need to build the Lola Mic Pre by Hairball Audio.

Designed to fill the gap between HiFi and colored, the Lola is truly the best of both worlds. Clean and open while adding a thick richness, it’s unlike anything else in your rack.

You have a choice between two op-amp topologies, the Jensen 990 and the Eisen Audio BA512. Though not drastically different and typically only detectable on loud or driven source material, they each have their own strengths. Select the 990 for clear and fast high-end detail. Select the BA512 for a smoother top and better drive capability.

Our Jensen 990 is offered in DIY format or assembled. We also offer fully assembled John Hardy 990’s and Esien Audio BA512's.

We believe the Lola will become your go-to mic pre. 

Recommended for beginners.
  • Choice of DIY 990, assembled 990, or BA512 op-amps
  • Ed Anderson 10468 input transformer
  • Ed Anderson 1166-500 output transformer
  • Aluminum PCB L-Bracket
  • Powder coated faceplate
  • 65 dB of gain
  • Line switch for make-up gain on line signals
  • Phantom Power
  • Polarity switch
  • DI input
  • Stepped Grayhill input gain
  • T-Pad output level
  • 10 segment LED metering with selectable +4 VU or peak mode
  • All the components and hardware needed to complete the module


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