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The Blue Stripe

Often referred to as a “Blue Stripe”. These units were the first commercial revision and have a silver panel with a distinctive blue stripe over the VU meter. The signal and line amp are based on the 1108 mic pre and use a FET as the first active component in each amp stage (all other revisions use a bipolar transistor). The gain reduction FET in this model has a unique circuitry around it different from all other models (notably the lack of source resistor). This results in a little more distortion that helps define the “Blue Stripe” sound. This revision also has a slightly lower threshold in comparison to later revisions (about 5db) and more gain in the amplification stages (about 5db) than the Rev D. This revision is rare, limited to less than a 1000 units, and are highly sought after by many engineers and producers.

Recommended for intermediate builders.
  • All the parts needed to complete the build
  • Blue anodized front panel made in Seattle, USA
  • PCB L-bracket made in Seattle, USA
  • Custom Ed Anderson O-12 reproduction input transformer made in the USA
  • Custom Ed Anderson 5002 reproduction output transformer made in the USA
  • Custom T-Pad input attenuator
  • Grayhill ratio rotary switch
  • BI260 potentiometers
  • Fully discrete audio path including capacitors selected by ear from Kemet, Nichicon, Panasonic, Vishay, United Chemi-Con and Elna
  • Bourns trimpots
  • 1% metal film resistors
  • Matched FETs
  • Machined aluminium knobs
  • Customers who order two kits will receive stereo matched FETs and a link cable


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