Bronze Complete DIY Kit

From $295.00

Colored. Heavy.

Bronze is an amazing, colored, and unique pre. If you've ever struggled to hear the differences between preamps, Bronze will change that. It's wooly, round, and full of crunch.

We’ve always loved the sound of the LA3A compressor. It imparts a recognizable signature onto the signal, even without compressing. We sought to recreate this thick midrange magic in a mic preamp. We started by commissioning Eisen Audio (Brooklyn, NYC) to adapt the LA3A output amp for 2520 format. We call this the "Raindog" op-amp, and its sound will put a smile on the face of color seekers. Manufactured here in Seattle, the Raindog op-amp is everything we'd hoped for. Paired with a Cinemag CM-2511 input transformer, and Ed Anderson B11148 output transformer, each authentic recreations of the original LA3A parts, this mic pre is true to its inspiration.

This pre is for anyone looking to add bottom end and midrange girth to their material. 

Recommended for beginners.
  • 65 dB of gain
  • customizable 20 dB pad
  • Phantom Power
  • Polarity switch
  • DI input
  • Variable input gain and output level (standard)
  • Stepped input gain or output level (optional)
  • Capacitor selected by ear to compliment the Copper circuit
  • Fully shielded PCB enclosure
  • Bronze anodize aluminum faceplate
  • All the components needed to complete the module


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