Copper Fully Assembled Module

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Classic. British.

Hand-built at Hairball Audio, fully assembled units arrive ready to plug into your rack with a 1-year warranty. Please allow 1 week for shipping.

Hairball Elements Copper is our take on the classic British console sound.

Copper is the sound every engineer and manufacturer chases. However, we’ve decided to approach this differently. Rather than simply copying a schematic, loading it with obvious component choices and hoping for the best, we chased the sound. That distinctive punchy lows, clear mids, and a smooth top end that makes everything sound better. We’ve used the highest quality custom wound transformers, custom designed op-amp, and capacitors carefully selected by ear.

The 10468 and 1166 input and output transformers were custom engineered by transformer guru Ed Anderson to match the distinct signature of the 1073 channel strip transformers. We've been selling these transformers for a few years now and they've grown a cult following for their authenticity and performance.

The custom BA512 op-amp, designed and manufactured by Eisen Audio (Brooklyn, NYC), is based on a discrete amp originally designed for the BBC, as a drop-in replacement for the BA440 in their custom consoles. BA512 is a well designed op-amp with all of the classic color you've come to expect.

The Copper sound is amazing and exactly what you’ve been looking for in electric guitars, drums, and most anything you want to have that classic tone. You won't find these results anywhere else.

  • Module assembled and tested Hairball Audio
  • 64 dB of gain
  • customizable 20 dB pad
  • Phantom Power
  • Polarity switch
  • DI input
  • Variable input gain and output level (standard)
  • Stepped input gain or output level (optional)
  • Capacitor selected by ear to compliment the Copper circuit
  • Fully shielded PCB enclosure
  • Copper anodize aluminum faceplate

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