Active Stereo Link Kit (Two Units)


Improved Stereo Linking with Active Circuitry

Note: This product contains enough parts for two units. 

The FET/RACK comes with the traditional RCA stereo link connector used in the classic units. Used in combination with the RCA battery-powered Stereo Adaptor, it's a simple way to link two units.

We've always thought the linking could be done a little better. The Purple Audio MC77 has always had a great active link feature. In addition to making great gear, they're awesome guys and agreed to let us sell you the circuit set up for the FET/RACK.

The RCA method links the control voltages AFTER the sidechain, which causes the attack time to be doubled. The active link sums the audio from both units before the sidechain and does not affect attack time. It also eliminates the need for super matched FETs or an external calibration box.

To link two units, connect them using a stereo (TRS) 1/4" cable. You can leave the cable connected at all times. To activate linking, press the ON/OFF button on both units to ON. Press the SEND/RECEIVE button on one unit to SEND and the other unit to RECEIVE.

Set the input, output, attack, release, ratio on both units to the same settings, and adjust the attack and output controls slightly to compensate for small differences in units.

Active link is housed on a single PCB that simply snaps to the main PCB using the supplied connector. 

Recommended for intermediate builders.
  • All the parts needed to complete the build for two units

*1/4" TRS link cable not included.


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