Kit Builders

Interested in a FET/RACK but feel like you don't have the build skills? Our complete kits come with all the necessary components and hardware. If you have basic soldering skills, our thorough build guides and forum support result in most builders having successful builds. If your build doesn't work correctly, and it just can't be figured out,  you can use our repair service and we will get it up and running for a very reasonable fee. However, if you're simply not excited about DIY, here are some options for you.

We do not offer FET/RACK units assembled however, there are lots of experienced builders willing to assemble a kit for a fee. Though we don't know anyone well enough to provide an official endorsement, below is a list of builders that have purchased many kits from us through the years with no known complaints about build quality or delivery. As always, do your research when making your decision.

United States

Ready to Rock Audio LLC (MO)

Wood & Wire Recording (TN) 

Trace Audio (TN)

Audibility Recording (FL)

Process Haus (IL)

Gregory Dixon (TX)


BYW Audio


AS Audio & Akustik (Austria)

Tonelabo - (Italy)

Disclaimer: Hairball Audio, LLC does not officially endorse any builder on this list. Hairball Audio, LLC is not responsible for any claims or disputes between the client and builder.