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Clean. Open.

Gold is based around the classic Jensen 990 op-amp. The Hairball Audio 990 is assembled in the USA and built to the specifications of Deane Jensen’s now famous JE-990 paper published in the February 1980 AES journal. The 990 op-amp has become the GOLD standard for discrete op-amp performance.

To complement this pristine signal chain, we've worked with Jensen Transformers to create a 500 series sized version of their classic JT-16 input transformer. This transformer has set the bar for clarity and performance. To complete the chain we've used the equally impressive Jensen JT-11 output.

This is one of the highest quality clean and open pres available. Unlike the cheap transformerless pres that come with many common audio interfaces, Gold does not sound dull. It enables the kind of clarity and detail you'll only find with components of this caliber. It's the perfect pre for recording acoustic instruments and anything you'd like to remain true to the source. 

Recommended for beginners.
  • Assembled and tested Hairball Audio JE-990 op-amp
  • Jensen JT-16-PCJR input transformer
  • Jensen JT-11-DM output transformer
  • Fully shielded PCB enclosure
  • Gold anodize aluminum faceplate
  • 63 dB of gain
  • Customizable 20 dB pad
  • Phantom Power
  • Polarity switch
  • DI input
  • Variable input gain and output level (standard)
  • Stepped input gain or output level (optional)
  • Capacitor selected by ear to compliment the Gold circuit
  • All the components and hardware needed to complete the module


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