Silver Basic Kit

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Elements. DIY.

Hairball Elements Silver is our DIY platform. It's our basic kit with metalwork, faceplate, PCB, and basic components. Here is your chance to design a mic pre.

The Hairball Audio Elements PCB is a highly configurable PCB that can accommodate several input and output transformer footprints. The concept actually began as the Eisen Audio DIY500, a popular kit that allowed users to build their own 500 series mic pre. After it was discontinued, many in the DIY community missed the extreme flexibility the PCB offered aspiring designers. Working with Eisen Audio, we've been able to bring it back, and it's better than ever.

Shortly we'll be posting some technical documentation to assist you in component selection. In addition, we'll host a user section where builders who wish can share their custom builds.

Recommended for intermediate builders.
  • Footprints for wired and 0.7" spaced PCB input transformers
  • Can fit common output transformer sizes
  • Customizable zobel, loading, and feedback networks
  • 2520 and DIP-8 IC footprints
  • DI Jack with DIP-8 footprint
  • Phase switch
  • Phantom power switch
  • Polarity switch
  • Variable input gain and output level pots (standard) Stepped input gain or output level (optional)
  • Standard valued components for the support circuitry
  • Fully shielded PCB enclosure
  • Silver anodize aluminum faceplate


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