Bourns 600Ω T-Pad Attenuator (1/8" Shaft)

Custom Bourns600 ohm T-pad attenuator with 1/8" shaft and 1/4" bushing. Made from a custom 3 deck potentiometer, this unit provides the same attenuation as the original bridged T-pad found in the FET compressor with more dependability and smooth operation.

We've found the Bourns pots to be the most dependable, and have the lowest end-of-track noise of any t-pad we've tried.

Mounting PCB can be added at checkout.

  • Bournes 51 Series 1/2" Modular Potentiometer
  • Module 1: Conductive Plastic Linear Element 500Ω +/-10%
  • Module 2: Conductive Plastic Logarithmic Element 1KΩ +/-10%
  • Module 3: Conductive Plastic Linear Element 500Ω +/-10%
  • Shaft/Bushing: 1/8" shaft with 1/4" bushing
  • Shaft Length: 3/4" FMS
  • Shaft End: Slotted
  • Bushing Length: 1/4" length
  • Terminals - PC Pin on .1” centers
  • Mounting Hardware: Mounting Nut & Lockwasher
  • PCB Extra

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