BA512 Discrete Op-Amp


Thoughtfully re-engineered by Eisen Audio, LLC (NYC), the BA512 is a low noise discrete op-amp capable of driving virtually any load. Originally designed for the BBC as a drop-in replacement for the BA440 in their custom consoles, the BA512 is a well designed, stable op-amp suitable for use in our Elements Copper and Lola microphone preamplifier.

The BA512 is built, tested, and offered in a 2520 package. It is optimized for bi-polar DC power supplies of +/- 12 to 20V*.

*When tested with +/-24V power supplies, the BA512 shows an increase in idle current to +/-22mA and output offset voltage increases to 100mV. With the exception of a greater Vop, audio performance shows no significant changes.


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