I got the preamp kit the end of last week, and following your excellent instructions on the blog, got it put together in about 5 hours over two evenings.

David W.

The Lola was my first DIY Kit and in retrospect, I couldn´t have had a better start. Documentation is flawless in it worked like a charm right from the beginning.

Friedrich K.

I just wanted to send you an email telling you how great my LOLA experience has been. Your fast responses to my questions rate with the best customer service I've ever heard of, let alone experienced.

Matt B.

I loved the cooper. But man, the bronze kills on bass. So thick sounding. And the gold has awesome low end. All of your mic pres sound amazing! Like really...I'm thoroughly pleased!

Jevin H.

So I finished my twin Lola mic pres and started out on my bottle vocal mic to make sure my build went well. OMG! Amazing.

Paul Simmons

Loving my Copper pre, currently on vocals with the rev D FET 500 comp. will be ordering more, without a doubt.

Haymount Dug Red

Always (Copper) my first choice for tracking vocals ! Super articulate sound with a nice warm and smooth high-end.

Joël Côté Bergevin

I did some tracking on Wednesday with the Copper and it sounded Stellar on the kick drum!


I built 2 Lola’s as my very first DIY build and they sound amazing.

Brian Lloyd

As a long time builder of audio equipment, I can attest to the quality of the components supplied, especially this latest version. The metal work is ideal and the unit fits together without any cajoling.

Ossie A.

Love the Rev D I just built. Beats the plugins for sure. You have really nice metal for your faceplate and enclosure.


The Gold pre is so totally killer. The build was fun and it sounds really great.

Mark N.

The kit, the packaging, the instructions, you have really done a superb job on this. I want you to know how much I appreciate it, and that it is VERY, VERY clear!

John H.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I think what you are doing is great. The build was super fun and easy.

James F.

Thank you so much for creating the 1176A DIY kit! Thank you for the clear instructions of the old model.

Eelke J.